Dave Bixby - Ode to Quetzalcoatl

on 5.15.2012

Hauntingly open and moving in a way few folk singers could ever manage, Ode to Quetzsalcoatl is the only solo effort of Dave Bixby, who then joined little-known folk rock band Harbinger for another album. Though the album, lyrically, reflects on his Christian views, the sound is that of a loner, an outsider, of someone damaged through addiction. Trading in the psychedelia of the sixties for an acoustic guitar and a life of strife, Ode to Quetzalcoatl is simultaneously brooding, coherent, and beautiful. This is the re-release through Guerssen Records, which specializes in '60s- and '70s-era psychedelia.

Download (78MB, MP3 V0)

Susanna and The Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain

on 5.10.2012

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra is vocalist Susanna Karolina WallumrĂžd and keyboard player Morten Qvenild. Melody Mountain sees the duo interpreting pop standards from Jackson Browne to Joy Division, transforming them into experimental, brooding ballads. Comparisons to a less traditional Cat Power are not unjustified. Released through Norwegian label Rune Grammofon.

Download (65MB, MP3 V0)


on 5.07.2012

Here's why there is no music posted presently:

Mediafire removed all the albums posted in my account (and a great deal of other, non-infringing information).

Besides that unpleasant fact, I was taking a break from updating this blog, trying to focus on my studies. But it's summer again, and seeing as all my work has evaporated, this seems like a good time to start fresh.

Before I post some new music, I'll be reposting some of the older albums that were taken down. Feel free to contact me if you find something missing.